The First Church community takes seriously the responsibility of caring for each other, with our pastors, Congregational Care Committee, and intercessory prayer team leading the way.

Pastoral Care

Our pastors provide pastoral care in several forms. Pastors Bonny, Dean, and Jane visit persons during crises such as hospitalizations, end-of-life, and other times of distress and need. Grief support is available through the pastoral staff and periodic small groups for those who have experienced a recent loss.

Also, our pastors preside at memorial/funeral services for members, constituents, and friends of the church, and they also perform baptisms during worship for infants, children, and adults.

Congregational Care Ministries

Our Congregational Care Committee with the support of Pastor Bonny Roth offers many opportunities to participate in ministries of care for persons in our faith community.

Lay Visitors from our congregation meet regularly with church members who are sick, grieving, or otherwise isolated. These volunteers are trained and carefully matched with church members; they meet regularly for mutual support and ongoing training.

Our Meal Ministry is offered by a team of volunteers who prepare and deliver meals to families with new babies, people who are ill, and those who have suffered a loss.

36Our Knitting Ministry team knits blankets, hats, and gloves as well as prayer shawls for church members, families with new babies, our soup kitchen patrons, and local people in need.

Each Sunday through our Greeting Card Ministry persons can reach out to those in need of encouragement by writing a note during fellowship hour. We also send birthday and holiday cards to older adults in the congregation. On Sunday afternoons flowers that are donated for worship services are delivered to members of the congregation as a sign of our care and support.

During Advent we host a Christmas Senior Luncheon for older adults in our congregation, and organize Christmas caroling to homebound members.


Prayer is one way we care for each other. Our Intercessory Prayer Team remembers persons on the congregation’s prayer list and those who submit special prayer requests.

To submit a prayer request to the First Church Intercessory Prayer Team, click here. To share a prayer concern only with the pastors, click here.

You can also submit a prayer request to The Living Prayer Center, [link to ] an online ministry of the Upper Room. Click here to do so. [link to ]

Our College Moms in Prayer group meets twice a month to share concerns about and pray for our college students and campus issues. To submit a prayer request to this group, please contact Lori Colbert.