Adult Learning


Adult Learning

Our faith journey is a lifelong experience with twists and turns.  As we grow and change, our understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible, and other religious beliefs also grow and change.
On Sundays and weekdays, small groups, classes and programs, Bible study, and retreats provide a supportive environment in which to think critically, deepen our understanding of God, and reflect with others about living as Christians in today’s world.

Small Groups

Small groups develop into a community in which to reflect, learn, pray, and ask questions. These groups meet on a regular schedule and expect a long-term commitment.

Classes and Programs

A variety of Sunday morning classes for adults are offered each week and typically include Bible study, Church & Culture, Methodism, spiritual practices, and Faith & Family.  In addition, several ongoing groups meet weekly.

Bible Study

Bible study groups typically meet both on weekdays and Sunday mornings to study, reflect on and discuss scripture.

Faith Formation Resources

Faith formation opportunities in the form of small groups, retreats and quiet time help us grow in our relationship with God. These options offer time for intentional spiritual nurturing and companionship as well as quiet time to help us open ourselves to God’s presence.

Individuals who seek resources for personal faith formation may explore the ideas below.